Artist-in-Residence Program


The Hawai’I State Foundation on Culture and the Arts (HSFCA) accepts applications for grants yearly. All public schools may apply for grants of up to $6000 per school for artist residencies. Schools must contribute 10% of the grant amount in cash towards residency expenses.

The AITS Program provides students with an engaging, creative and fun learning experience based on the fine arts standards through residencies with qualified teaching artists from the Artistic Teaching Partners Roster. AOTS grants are meant to enhance a school’s fine arts curriculum not supplant it.

An AITS residency is a partnership between the school and the teaching artist. Many of these artists integrate their art form with other curriculum areas such as language arts, math, social studies and science, meeting both fine arts and other core standards. Anita Broennimann has been our artist in residence for the past few years and has applied for the upcoming school year, 2015-16. We look forward to working with her.
Specifically, the artist will have 2nd grade students learn the practical use of geometric shapes, lines, symmetry, congruence, patterns, and transformations to create a work of art.  Students will study the color wheel and learn the sensitive effects of warm and cool colors.  Third graders will be introduced to contour drawing, color and value study and the importance of observation to create a mixed media project.  Fourth graders will study geometry and visual arts.  Students will learn one and two point perspective.  Fifth grade students will learn about the history of printmaking and the artists who developed various processes.

Students will know and apply the elements and principles of design and visual art.  They will be able to apply the elements of art in creating their artwork and other academic disciplines.  Students will appreciate a sense of accomplishment, have refined their observational and problem solving skills and strengthened their self-confidence and have a better understanding to make connections between art and other curriculum topics. 

Students will create an artist’s sketchbook which will be used throughout the residency to record sketches and reflections.  2nd grade will make a color wheel, create a crayon rubbing and make paper cuttings. 3rd grade students will create a contour drawing and a texture rubbing, a gray scale, and draw a freeform shape. 4th grade will draw a one and two-point perspective cube, a two-point perspective featuring buildings and streets. 5th grade will carve a relief printing plate and print a minimum of three prints followed by a monotype.